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Kai is the former focus character of the LEGO Ninjago TV and franchise. He is still a remainder of the true star of the show he used to be.

He belongs to the canon and the KUI universes.

Physical Appearance

He has brownish-red hair that sways with the wind and is a little shaggy at the ends and bottom of his hair. His skin is fair and his eyes are fiery orange swirled with gold. Kai prefers red attire and he adorns an awful permanent scar on his right eye. He also wears a bandage on the left side of his face, covering another injury. It is unknown if the injury is still there, as Tommy Andreason (original creator of LEGO Ninjago) says he wears it because it looks cool.


Kai seems to be a little hotheaded, which fits his element. He may also appear to have somewhat of an attitude and will act selfish or arrogant sometimes, thought this is usually unintentional or not very direct. Kai is very impulsive, which by default proves to be a frequent issue for both him and his team mates.

History [KUI]

Click here, as Kai appears in every part of Kui already.


  • Kai is in a romantic relationship with a girl his age named Skylor, who wears orange and whom Kai finds very attractive. Skylor and Kai canonically returned each others’ feelings, making their ship (Kailor) canon.