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Lloyd was canonically the star of the Ninjago TV Series. In Kui, he is deceased and is only ever seen as a well-preserved dead body in a comfortable open coffin and a menagerie of flowers. Lloyd is otherwise in the Canon Six.


Lloyd was handsome with pale, fair skin, blonde hair, lotus-pink cheeks, and a slender body. Many adored him the most, though it can argued that Kai was just “hotter”.

Lloyd usually wore green and was never seen without any on. Lloyd was described to have had “eyes green like emeralds that struck your soul”.


Incident Chain

Lloyd has had several paradoxically created personas and clones of himself due to poor experiment. Firstly, his first “clone” was a part of the partially-vital Momentum Six, whom stopped danger in their own distorted dimension. Secondly, the next “clone” was in the unnamed but terrifying band of clones formed into an incomplete ninja team.

Lloyd’s final clone ended up dead, just like his Kui counterpart. The deceased clone was left abound to never rot in the space of time instead of joining his surviving clone friends.. This incident and the history it made is speculated to have been the secondary reason to the Kui Lloyd’s information being redacted, as it it’s a common rumor that the Third-Party Paradox Lloyd’s corpse temporarily washed up onto a public beach in the Ninjago: Kui universe.

History [KUI]

Lloyd was often spoken of by many locals and regular citizens alike. However, it seems that all previously known information about him has been redacted by every official around the world of Ninjago. Lloyd’s appearances in portraits, paintings, NFTs, and other ware alike have all been set to a silvertone color filter to block all colors related to him. Lloyd’s appearance is still known, though due to sudden censorship since his gruesome death, he has been subsequently forgotten, but not forever.


  • Lloyd was the only ninja that had his physical description and information erased from publicity.
    • This is said to be since he was the main star and leader of the group, and that his mother requested it so because the team had nobody to guide them anymore—the team was dead anyways, except for Kai.