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The PARA Lloyd is practically the original Lloyd, however, the Lloyd from the Momentum Six has his DNA twisted in grotesquely, along with an uncanny jumble of oni and dragon genetics. The PARA Lloyd is most commonly referred to as the notorious Nightcrawler. He is also noted to be referenced as the Daydrinker, considering his tame nature during the hours of light.


LLHCm602 was born via the paradoxical cloning incident of the Kuishakusanako.


Most are lucky to never see LLHCm602 in person, rather glaring at the terrifying photographs taken by certainly deceased photographers. The PARA Lloyd has a pair of large wings, is six feet and five inches tall, has horribly deformed and long legs, a mouth of blood and dark mucus, lengthy arms boasting sharp claws, and eerie green eyes.

True Name

PARA Lloyd’s true name is LLHCm602. The two L’s refer to the real Lloyd’s double L’d name, the HC as in “hellcrawler”, the “m6” for “Momentum Six”, along with a zero and a 2 that refers to the second clone set from the infamous incident.