Ninjagokai fanabase Wiki

Below is a suggested set of rules to follow when editing this wiki. Administrators of this wiki should read these rules and adapt them as necessary.

1. Be as civil as possible. We don’t accept any nastiness here, and bullying, harassment, mobbing (continuing to harass or nick pick at a user with a large group of other users), and multi-account abusing will have a certain warning or ban.

2. Do not remove warnings from your message wall or talk page. Warnings naturally are in the talk page where they may be harder to remove and if a user or the user being warned keeps removing warnings, their talk page will be protected so only admins and mods can edit it. The users editing their talk page may be blocked for an hour or more depending on the severity.

3. Don’t be a snowflake. Begging for users to add trigger warnings for random things (ex: food/family/friends/etc) is considered being a snowflake (a person who is extremely easily offended and triggers). Snowflakes cause major issues in our modding and we don’t want any here. If you are sensitive, state it in your about and don’t beg users to add trigger warnings to your own convenience, it’s actually stupid.

4. Do not edit others’ about pages. About pages are generally never protected so the user can edit them on behalf of status updates, but if any user other than the user that owns the about page edits their about page, there will be one warning before an initial block. Don’t vandalize like this.

5. Don’t vandalize in general either. You’ll be instantly warned once and then blocked if you continue or argue. Although reasons are permitted, we will still inflict a block if you continue or get unreasonably heated about it, just for a shorter time. Vandal edits will be reverted.

6. Don’t steal art. If you have fanart that is yours, state that it is yours and have a water mark on your art. If an art piece is found to not be yours, you will be blocked for three days. Continuing is a sure infinite, as art thieves are severely problematic.

7. No guilt tripping. Saying things like “Oh, so you don’t care if I hurt myself from this?” or “Wow, guess nobody wants to be my friend” is guilt tripping and it’s gross. It is also manipulative and you’ll definitely get warnings (maximum of two) for doing this.

8. Do not post NSFW. NSFW is not allowed here at all, no matter what reasoning or warning behind it, all NSFW or NSFW-implying images or texts will be immediately locked and deleted. The said user who posts it will be blocked for a long time, so don’t go around doing this.

9. Don’t abuse your admin/mod rights. Abusing your ability to lock posts and block or warn users can be taken away from you at any time. The maximum ranking for any mod here is “Sysop”, as allowing users to be anywhere above that level is inherently dangerous. Your user rights must be used fairly, and do not block or warn users for saying something you strongly disagree with, and do not put your personally judgement on them either as it is biased. You also may not vandalize protected pages you have access to, and you MUST FOLLOW ALL RULES SET FOR REGULAR USERS TOO. Do not use excuses as to why you are abusing, you’ll have your rank taken away and you will also be infinitely blocked.

(talk) Kumaruby 19:58, 13 January 2022 (UTC)